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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a customer in need of support please look through the FAQ's for an answer to your question. If your question is not listed then you may submit one to .

How do I Register?

  • Registering is a very simple process at and it's FREE! There is a Register button located on all pages which will bring you to our User Agreement. In order to Register with us, you must read and accept the User Agreement. Once you accept the Agreement you will be brought to the User Registration page. You will be required to provide a valid name, address, email address, and Credit Card. Once you have completed the Registration page you will receive a confirmation invitation to the email address you provided. In order to complete the Registration process you will need to click on the confirmation link in the email, or copy and paste the link into your web browser and hit enter. This will complete the Registration process.

  • If you are a Valid FFL holder please let us know. As a member you are entitled to be on our Preferred FFL Dealer List

    Why is a Credit Card required to Register?

  • In order to maintain a safe, secure, and FRAUD-FREE environment for everyone, requires both Buyers and Sellers to provide a valid Credit Card. We also utilize 128bit SSL encryption to protect and encrypt all data transmission. We do this to protect, you, the customer, as well as us at We feel requiring valid Credit Card information is a secure way to truly identify someone who is registering an account with us, and it also helps deter fraud. Many other sites require this as well. This information is required as a safety check to you so no unauthorized party can create an account using your information. This also prevents Sellers who intentionally plan to defraud others by posting items for sale they do not own, and Buyers from bidding on items they do not intend to pay for. This information also allows us to decline any future business associated with a customer's Credit Card and/or username/email address should suspicious activity arise, and provides means for investigation by using registration forensics.

    Requiring a Credit Card also protects us at In order to run the site and "keep the lights on", we will eventually have to depend on our minimal listing fees after our promotional period. Doing business through Credit Card transactions also saves our customers the hassle and cost of postage, provides a history of payment, and allows to receive payments in a timely fashion.
  • Can I Sell an Item here?

  • A Person who is legally capable of owning a firearm can also sell a firearm at Non-FFL dealers are allowed to sell their firearms here, provided they abide by all Federal and State law where they and the Buyer reside. Any report of illegal activity will result in termination from this site and will be reported to the ATF and the local law enforcement office. It is the User's responsibility to abide by all laws when conducting business at
  • How Do I Sell an Item?

  • Selling an item at is easy. First you must be a Registered User. Registering takes less than three (3) minutes. Once you are Registered, click on the View all Categories link. When you find a desired category to post your item(s) in, click "Post Here". When you click "Post Here" you will be brought to the Post Auction Page. There you will you be prompted to enter you login information and all applicable Auction information such as Title, Description, and Price, etc. You can also upload pictures of your auction if desired. Once finished entering all the appropriate information, click "Add Item". This will bring you to a confirmation page so you can review all your entries for accuracy before starting the Auction. If any information is incorrect, please click the Back button on your browser and edit the incorrect information. You will need to upload any photos again but all other information will remain as originally entered. Once all the information is correct, click on "Add Item". Confirm your listing by clicking on "Add Item" again. Your Auction will now be listed.
  • What does it Cost to Sell an Item here?

  • The cost will eventually be $2.00, but as of right now everything is FREE. There are no hidden fees and NO COMMISSION FEES! The $2.00 listing fee enables you to upload up to four(4) photos of each item(s), set Reserve pricing, set "Pull The Trigger" pricing, provides free re-listings, and a counter with each item. All of these options are FREE at this time. You can sell any firearm or related accessory for whatever price you choose and never have to worry about paying a percentage of the selling price! There are many free classified areas on the internet where you can buy and sell firearms and accessories; however, is an Auction site that will provide a greater audience and strives to be the most inexpensive. And remember, unlike other firearm auction sites, does not collect commission fees - if you sell your item, you keep every penny from the sale!
  • I am having trouble listing an auction?

  • The most common cause we have experienced is uploading large files/images. In order for the site to properly upload and resize your images, the recommended size and dimensions should be followed: File Size no larger than 1MB per photo and file dimension no larger than "1024x768". This will ensure a successful upload. The web site is also geared toward high speed Internet connections (cable, DSL) so if you are uploading large images on a dial up system (56K), more than likely you will experience a "server timeout error". This is not a problem with the site. If you experience this issue please send an EMAIL and we will be more than happy to assist in gathering your images, description, and pricing info and building your auction listings for you at no charge.
  • Shipping Firearms or Related Accessories:

  • All firearms must be shipped to a VALID FFL HOLDER if being sold out of a Seller's home state and then transferred to the licensed Buyer of the firearm. Firearms being sold locally must be sold to an individual at least 21 years of age, who has a valid approved firearm permit. You are responsible for following all Federal and State Laws. Here is a link to the ATF's state firearm laws for your reference.
  • Can I Bid on Items here?

  • A Person who is legally capable of owning a firearm or related accessory can also bid on those items at You must be a Registered User to bid. Non-FFL dealers are allowed to buy firearms provided they abide by all Federal and State laws where they reside. Users bidding on firearms and accessories on this site MUST follow ALL applicable Federal and State laws where they reside. Any report of illegal activity will result in termination from this site and be reported to the ATF and the local law enforcement office. It is the Bidder's responsibility to abide by all laws when conducting business here and to know what they can and cannot own.
  • How do I bid on an Item?

  • Placing a Bid on an item at is very easy. First you must be a Registered User. Registering is a very simple process at and it's FREE! You can Register by clicking on the Register button on any page. Once you are Registered, you can Login by clicking on the Login button on any page. You can then search for items by using the Search Box found on every page of the site. You can also narrow your search by using the Advanced Search feature. Or you can view the vast Category List and find what appeals to you most! When you find an item you would like to bid on, click on the "Bid Now" icon. Choose either Regular Bid or Auto bid in the drop down box.

    A REGULAR BID will place that exact amount on the Auction in real time.

    An AUTO BID prompts you to enter the maximum bid you are willing to pay for the item. So for example, if you place a bid of 100.00 on an item that is currently at 50.00, will automatically bid for you up to $100.00. This is also called PROXY BIDDING.

    There is also a PULL THE TRIGGER BID. The Pull The Trigger Bid is recognized as the ultimate way to end an Auction and win the item. If an item qualifies for a "Pull The Trigger" bid, the Pull The Trigger icon will appear. Click on it to instantly win and end the Auction.

  • More on Bidding.....

    How do I know if I placed a REGULAR BID or PROXY BID?

  • Click on the Personal Area button at the top of any page. If you are not logged in it will prompt you for your credentials. Once you are on the Personal Area page, click on View Bidding History. The Bidding History page will then list all the auctions you have ever participated in by placing a bid. If you have placed a REGULAR Bid, you will see the price of your bid under the column "My MAX BID". If you have placed an AUTO/PROXY Bid, a (P) will be listed next to the price of your bid under the column "MY MAX BID". For example, $500.00(P)

  • How do I Pay for an Item I won?

  • At the end of a successful Auction we will automatically email the highest Bidder and Seller the appropriate contact information for each party. It is up to the Users, to contact each other within five (5) business days to complete the transaction. will help in any way possible to resolve Seller/Bidder problems after those five (5) business days have lapsed. If such a situation arises, please contact us via email at .
  • Seller & Bidder Ethics:

  • values ethics. As a Seller you are expected to explain in detail what you are selling so customers bidding on your Auction/item(s), or planning to bid on your Auction/item(s), are aware of its condition (such as "new" or "used"). You are also expected to explain your payment and shipping terms and follow all applicable State and Federal laws. You are also expected to deliver the item to the winning Bidder once you have received payment. As a Bidder at you are expected to follow through on All Auctions you have won. You are expected to meet all of the Seller's requirements to complete the sale. A Bid is a LEGAL CONTRACT. will do everything in its power to ensure all Sellers and Bidders have the easiest experience of buying and selling firearms and related accessories; however, will not tolerate any illegal activity such as Bidders who do not pay or Sellers who falsely describe what they are selling or do not deliver. will not tolerate any type of fraud. We will not hesitate to terminate anyone's account should complaints arise nor contact the BATFE, FBI, or local law enforcement to aid us in solving any questionable activity. We are trying to provide an easy and inexpensive way to both buy and sell firearms and related accessories, so please respect our Ethic's Code.
  • Billing:

  • has a monthly billing cycle. Every Auction you list for sale will be added to your monthly total and you will be billed at the end of the month with one (1) transaction. We do not charge for Users to bid, but in order to bid you must be a Registered User. It is important to keep a current Credit Card on file. If the Credit Card should expire, we will notify you to update your profile. Failure to update your profile with valid Credit Card information whether a Bidder or Seller will result in termination of your account.
  • Refunds:

  • will do everything possible to ensure its customer's are happy. If for some reason you have an Auction that was sold and you never received payment from the Buyer, you will be entitled to re-list that item for FREE or you can cancel the item for a refund.

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